Breaking News: Boobs Are For Breastfeeding, Too! | The Frisky

Shocking, I know, but I had to break the news some time: Our fabulous funbags are actually biologically designed to feed hungry babies, not just to look tasty in a Body by Victoria C-cup. Alas, some Neanderthals can’t handle such a bombshell about breasts — namely, folks in corporate America who’ll do everything from tweet (and delete!) to kick a nursing mother out of a restaurant at the slightest hint of a snacking infant.

After the jump, two recent breastfeeding incidents that make us think we could all use a Biology 101 refresher course.

  1. The Paul Frank store in Los Angeles was in hot water last week after an employee tweeted, “Having your whole boob out and breastfeeding in our store #NOTOKAYATALL.” The offensive tweet was deleted off the @PaulFrank_LA’s Twitter feet almost immediately, but it was furiously re-tweeted by angry fans. @PaulFrank_LA then posted an “apology” tweet: “all we can do is apologize, it made other customers and ourselves uncomfortable. Sorry…” Hmm. That doesn’t sound like an apology! As Roxanne Hack, staff writer for The Orange County Register put it, “It sounds like they still think the breastfeeding mama was in the wrong.” Boooo, L.A. Paul Frank store! Finally, one day later, the store got a clue and tweeted a more sincere apology: “We are very sorry for the recent tweet. As a family company and brand, this does not reflect our opinion in any way.” That’s better! [The Orange County Register]
  2. But what went down in Paul Frank’s L.A. store was just monkey business compared to high-octane drama at the Old Country Buffet in Maplewood, Minnesota. New mom Bethany Morton told she was breastfeeding her son during an Easter Sunday meal when an employee asked her to cover up with a blanket. Morton declined and a manager came by their table to ask her to cover up again. Apparently that’s when Morton and her fiancé “became vocal,” which I think means they wanted to enjoy their buffet instead of get hassled by the manager. Morton says they were asked to leave. But Old Country Buffet was in for a nasty surprise: Turns out, Minnesota state law says a mother can breastfeed her child anywhere, public or private. YES, EVEN IF HER DIRTY, SINFUL, LUST-INDUCING NIPPLE IS SHOWING. Now over 1,000 people are Facebok fans of the group “Boycott Old Country Buffet” and recently a dozen moms organized a “nurse-in” at the restaurant. Oh, snap! [,]

Hey, Frisky moms, have you ever gotten hassled for breastfeeding your child in public? Let us know in the comments!

Breaking News: Boobs Are For Breastfeeding, Too! | The Frisky.


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