Breastfeeding Twins?

Are you expecting twins and looking for stress-free ways to breastfeed both both babies?  Tandem breastfeeding is the way most moms with twins handle this situation with ease, though there are other ways to breastfeed twins.

 Here’s a link to a great video demonstration of how one mom breastfed her twins. Click here to see a hilarious video of her twins escaping their crib…

Also check out this book for details on all things twin… Oh Yes You Can Breastfeed Twins! …Plus More Tips for Simplifying Life with Twins by April Rudat



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4 responses to “Breastfeeding Twins?

  1. I’m currently breastfeeding my twins – they’re 6 months and doing great! They just weighed in at 17 lbs each – solely breastfed. People still look at me in amazement as I nurse them in public (one at a time), but the real fun is latching them on together at home. Definately a necessary skill to learn to make breastfeeding twins doable over the long-term!

    Another great resource for breastfeeding twins is the Karen Kerkoff Gromada book “Breastfeeding Multiples”:

    If you are expecting multiples, get in touch with the local La Leche League, ask for prenatal support to get some courage, and go for it!!! It has been the best choice we ever made. And check out the pretty bling here that makes it fun… LOL

  2. I have just discovered I am pregnant with twins (will be number 6 and 7 for me!!!) I breastfed all my other children for 9-12 months and am keen to do the same with the twins. Is it really do-able. No offense to bottle feeders but I just cannot bottlefeed, it defys nature to me!!! Just worried that I can actually do it and still have a life…i.e not be permanantely feeding!! Is it best to learn to feed them in tandem woud you say??

    Kind regards


  3. Crystal

    It is really hard…my twins are almost 6 wks old and it has been a very rocky road…since you have had experience hopefully it’s easier for you

  4. mikcon

    I have twins that are 3 months and am breastfeeding. It is a bit tricky, but definately possible. I don’t have other children and had to learn too. I have heard that doing both is easier. I found that one at a time is easier plus it gives me special bonding time with each baby. My boys are fast eaters though so it doesn’t take too long.
    Check out my blog, I’m just starting out but hoping to help people and connect with other twin moms!

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