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Mommy Mondays…Breastfeeding 911!

Breastfeeding can be enjoyable for both you and your baby, but sometimes — especially in the first few weeks — we can all face some difficulties. So, when you’re up at 3am and don’t know what the heck to do here’s your own personal “Breastfeeding 911″…

For a quick overview of possible problems, let BabyCenter.com’s Breastfeeding Problem Solver be your first stop as you search for answers. Enter up to four major symptoms, and they will let you know what may be the problem. Remember, though, that your doctor or midwife, and your baby’s pediatrician, are the ones to best provide you with the most accurate diagnosis since they can examine your breasts and observe as you nurse your baby. Try and bookmark this free tool here…

Courtesy of Baby Center


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